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eArtist is a software business management tool for artists at all stages of their careers. Built with a leading database tool, eArtist is a professional solution designed to help artists with their day-to-day business process so they can concentrate on creating art rather than attempting to learn feature-laden spreadsheet or database programs.

eArtists helps artists take control of their mailing lists and contacts; keep track of their exhibition schedules, and help document their exhibition history; document their artwork; and provide a professional invoice and receipting system for sales.

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downloadDownload a fully functional DEMO*

* Demo will work for 30 days without a license. After 30 days, you can purchase a license and continue to use eArtist.
To delete or remove the demo, simply delete the eArtist program directory installed to your Program Files or Applications directory.

How can I use eArtist?

Mailing List and Contact Management
See a Screen Capture for Constituent Management
Import mailing lists from other sources. Target market constituents. Note your last contact with constituents. Find your major collectors and repeat customers.

Artwork Documentation and Management
See a Screen Capture for Artwork Management
Keep track of your artwork: what's sold and what's not; what is scheduled for exhibition, or what has been in previous exhibitions. Keep track of the state of condition and framing. eArtist can handle editions as separate works of art so you can also keep track of who has what and how many in the edition are left. Visually see what's been sold quickly. Print slide labels in standard format, price lists, and gallery/studio show labels.

Exhibition Documentation
See a Screen Capture for Exhibition Management
Plan your upcoming exhibitions and keep track of exhibition contact information. Keep schedule dates and times for each exhibition. Print out exhibition reports showing what you showed, and when.

Invoice and Receipts for Artwork Sales
See a Screen Capture for Invoice Management
Quickly print out receipts and invoices for sales. Keep separate shipping information for each sale. Apply different tax rates to separate invoices. Show deposits on artwork, and print out accounts receivable reports.

Import/Export Data
While eArtist does not write contracts for you, you can still export data for mail merges and mail-merge-like documents such as contracts. An example is included with this eArtist distribution.

You may also wish to import or export data for other uses such as exhibition catalogues, press-releases, price lists, sharing mailing lists, or any other use you may decide.

What's New in eArtist v.5.x?

View eArtist v.5.x Release Notes here.

MINIMUM hardware and software requirements

Operating System Minimum Requirements
Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium*
Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
CPU: 1 GHz or faster
Microsoft .NET 4.5 required (this should already be on your system)
Mac OS X Versions supported:
eArtist 5.0: 10.6 through 10.8
eArtist 5.1: 10.9 through 10.11
eArtist 5.2: 10.11
CPU: Intel-based Mac

The following is recommended for all platforms:

  • An internet connection and browser for registration

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later to read documentation manuals.

  • A Mail API (MAPI) enabled email client software or configured email client software, such as Mail for Mac, or Outlook for Windows.

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